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Directories set out to record the 'principal inhabitants' of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Historical Trade Directories are a core resource for local historians and genealogists, and many of the more comprehensive of which are now available online.

How to search

  • Address Keyword Search
    Searches address elements. Searching for 'Mitchell Street' locates Mitchell Street, Dungarvan
  • Occupation Keyword Search
    Searching for 'Tailor' locates records whose occupational category includes the word 'Tailor' (e.g. 'Tailor & Draper'). A total of 516 records returned for 'Tailor' query
  • Personal Name Alphabetical Search
  • Personal Name Keyword Search
  • Occupation Alphabetical Search
    Searching for 'Tailor will locate 6 occupational categories which include the word 'Tailor'. Useful for a breakdown of occupational categories
    Interesting random results include:
    Shoemakers - 463 listed
    Sailors - 95 listed

Th full list of Directories held by Waterford County Library, and available for reference at Dungarvan Central Library include:

1788 Richard Lucas - Directory Extract for the S.E. of Ireland
1824 Pigot - Surname Index for Waterford City & County, Youghal, New Ross, Carrick-on-Suir & Clonmel
1839 Sharman's Commercial Directory for the cities of Waterford & Kilkenny
1846 Index of Slaters Directory  for S.E. Irleand
1866 Harvey's Waterford Almanac and Directory
1867 Directory Henry and Coughlan  Extract of Waterford City, Tramore, Dungarvan & Youghal
1870 Slater's Towns and Villages of Co. Waterford: Bonmahon, Dungarvan, Dunmore, Kilmacthomas, Lismore, Portlaw, Tallow, Tramore & Waterford.
1873 Hansard's The County Waterford Illustrated Almanack
1877 Harvey's Waterford Almanack and Directory
1879 Dungarvan, Tramore & Waterford
1886 Guy's Postal Directory of Munster
1893 Guy's Postal Directory of Munster
1894 Surname Index in Egan's History Guide and directory of Co and City of Waterford
1909 - 1910 Thom's Directory of Waterford City and County - Surname Index
1909 - 1910 Thom's Directory of City and County of Waterford Cork, Munster, Trade Directory
1943 Miscellaneous Directories Waterford
1983 Waterford / Wexford Business and Shopping Guide,
1985 Waterford Commercial and Industrial Services Co. Waterford
1986/87 Waterford / Wexford Business and Shopping Guide
1987/88 Waterford / Wexford Business and Shopping Guide
1989 Waterford / Wexford Business and Shopping Guide
1993 Waterford / Wexford Business and Shopping Guide
1994 Waterford / Wexford Business and Shopping Guide
1994 Pembrokeshire Cross-Border Business Directory

The following are available online:

Piggott's - 1824
Sherman's - 1839
Slater's - 1846
Slater's - 1856
Harvey's - 1877
Slater's - 1881
Egan's - 1894
Thom's - 1909 - 1910

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