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Using the War Dead database

This database was established to create a commemorative record of Waterford people who died in all wars, listing biographical data and linking to other primary sources of information such as photographs, letters, official documents and memorabilia.

The initial target is to:

  • List victims of the First World War
  • List Waterford victims of the Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War
  • List Waterford victims of other wars and battles, both on Irish and foreign soil, as appropriate sources of information become available

How to search:

  • Search by surname

Examples found in database:

  • John Condon, recorded as being the youngest soldier to have died in the Great War, when, at the age of fourteen, he was killed in Flanders on 24th May, 1915.
  • There were three Shine brothers from Abbeyside, all officers, who lost their lives in the conflict.
  • Michael Healy from Dungarvan, was the most decorated Irish soldier in the Great War, he died saving the lives of other soldiers at the cost of his own.
  • Thomas O'Brien died in the Pickardstown ambush, his body not being identified until after the truce.
  • Mary Foley, shot by the Black & Tans near Carriglea
  • Walter Barron with scanned images of letters and postcards home.

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