Family History

Using Resources

Many of the primary sources listed are available online or searchable in database form online. Others, Thomas Francis Meagher (full)  including Catholic Parish Registers and Tithe Applotment Books are only available on microfilm and Marriage Registers are only avilable in hardcopy. All microfilm and hardcopy sources are in Dungarvan Library. 

It is essential, before you commence research, to familiarise yourself about the different resources types and their modes of access as this will enhance research outcomes. A brief guide to these is available in the section below. There are several pieces of information that are vital to locating any information about your family, including:

  • Name of the family
  • Townland in which they lived
  • Approximate date that they lived there
  • Religious denomination

Waterford County Archive Service has a number of pages that outline initial steps to conducting family history or genealogical research in Waterford. In addition, a downloadable PDF publication Sources for Family History in Waterford County is also available.

The Archivist and Library Staff are available to assist in providing access to the listed resources used in genealogical research, but cannot carry out the research for you.

Main Sources for County Waterford

The primary sources used for genealogical research in Waterford fall under the following headings. It is indicated beside each whether the resource is online, accessible on microfilm or in hardcopy:

  • Census Returns. 1901 and 1911. Online / Free to all
  • Civil Records:
    - Death Registers. Online / Free to all
    - Marriage Registers. Hardcopy / Booking Required
  • Church Records:
    - Parish Registers. Microfilm / Free to All / Booking Required
  • Land and Property Records:
    - Griffith’s Valuation. Online / Free to all
    - Tithe Applotment Books. Microfilm / Free to all / Booking Required
  • Historic Maps:
    - Online / Libraries only for Historic Mapping Service]
    - Hardcopy / Free to all
  • Trade Directories. Online / Free to all
  • Local Newspapers:
    - Microfilm / Free to all / Booking Required
    - Online / Free to all
  • Burial Grounds:
    - Online / Free to all
    - Online [Images] / Free to all

To book a Microlfilm Reader, complete our enquiry form or alternatively, contact Dungarvan Library or the Archives Service to rerserve a session. Sessions last for one hour and a maximum of two sessions can be booked per day.



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