Dungarvan Leader Online

Dungarvan Leader Online

In 2012 we commenced publishing easy to access historical editions of the Dungarvan Dungarvan LeaderLeader¬†Online. Prior to this there was a Dungarvan only based microfilm service available, inhibiting research and use of a very valuable resource. The Digital Editions Project, in publishing historic editions Dungarvan Leader and Dungarvan Observer Online, ensures that:

  • Digital copies can be retrieved by year, month and week of publication.
  • Weekly editions can be downloaded as .pdf files.
  • Incomplete or missing sequences can be identified for digitisation and later re-integration, thereby providing comprehensive collection access.



Digital Editions Project: Feedback and News

If you have difficulty in accessing any of the newspaper files listed under the years provided (see left-hand panel) please inform us of the nature of the problem - or any other query you may have in relation to this service - by filling out our enquiry form.

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