Journal of the Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society, Vol. 2 (.pdf, 7.35 mb) Glencairn (tn_1)
(Waterford: Waterford Archaeological Society, 1896)


  • Annual Report No.8
  • Ancient ruined churches of Co. Waterford - Rev. P. Power
  • Battle of Ballaghmoon - Rev. W. Healy
  • Early printing in Waterford - James Buckley
  • Kilmolash Church, near Cappoquin, Co. Waterford - Michael J.C. Buckley
  • King Cormac McCarthy and his Chapel at Cashel - Rev. R.H. Long
  • Local church architecture from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century - Rev. W.P. Burke
  • Ogham inscribed pillar stone recently discovered - Rev. P. Power
  • Old records of the Corporation of Waterford - W.A. Sargent
  • Priory, Church and Hospital of St. John the Evangelist, Waterford - Rev. P. Power
  • Roberts Family of Waterford - W.J. Bayley
  • St. Patrick in Munster - Rev. P. Lonergan
  • Three Ogham stones near Kilmacthomas - Rev. E. Barry
  • Wexford in '98 - J.F. Bigger (Editor)
  • Balance sheet, 1895..No.9
  • Rude stone monuments of our own and other lands - Ringrose Atkins
  • List of Members No.8,iii; No.9,iii; No.10,iii
  • List of Officers No.7,iii
  • Archaeological, &c., Miscellania - P.
  • Church and Castle of Kilbehenny - W.H. Grattan-Flood
  • Comeragh Ancient Smelting Works - P.
  • Destruction of Antiquarian objects - J.B. Norris-Cane
  • Dunbrody Architecture - W.P.B.
  • Dunbrody repairs - P.
  • Liber Antiquissimus Civitatis, Waterford, 1661 - P. Higgins
  • Moethail Brogain - John Fleming
  • O'Neill Tomb in "French Church." - P.
  • Reiske Church - W.H. Grattan-Flood
  • Roberts Family-Thomas Sautell Roberts, R.H.A. - Thomas Drew
  • Statue of St. Murena - P.
  • Templetenny Church - W.H. Grattan-Flood
  • Way Anna Boleyn born in the Castle of Carrick-on-Suir? - M.M.
  • Was Anna Boleyn born in the Castle of Carrick-on-Suir? - M.J. Hurley
  • Waterford Militia - O. Wheeler Cuffe (Major)
  • Waterford Sonnets, II. - W.C. Bonaparte Wyse
  • Waterford Sonnets, III. - W.C. Bonaparte Wyse
  • Obituary
  • Proceedings...No.7,v No.8,viii No.9,viii
  • Rules...No.7,iv No.8,vii No.9,vii No.10,vii

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