Journal of the Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society, Vol.18 (.pdf, 4.12 mb) Glencairn (tn_1)
(Waterford: Waterford Archaeological Society, 1915)


  • The subsoil of Irish History (Papers on Elementary Archaeology), (continued). - Rev. P. Power
  • Birthplace of Tadhg Gaedhlach - Seamus Ua Casaide
  • Crotty, the Robber, some original documents - M. Butler
  • Crotty, the Robber and Ireland, ninety years ago - M. Butler
  • Distinguished Waterford Families: II. Barron (contd.) - Father Stephen Barron
  • New Geneva. Some correspondence relating to its foundation - M. Butler
  • Old Wills (Diocese of Waterford and Lismore) (contd.) - I.R.B. Jennings (Editor)
  • Some Old Waterford Presentments, Affadavits, and Informations - M. Butler (Editor)
  • An Old Waterford Book-binder - P. McGrath
  • Doyle's Survey of Waterford Coast - M. Butler
  • E. Heyden of Tallow, Co. Waterford - Seamus O Casaide
  • Execution of Crotty the Robber - W.H. Grattan Flood
  • Hibernian Antiquities - Seamus O Casaide
  • "History of Gaultier" - P. Power
  • Irish in Old Waterford Newspapers - Seamus O Casaide
  • Life of St. Columbanus - P.
  • Madame Catalini - Seamus O Casaide
  • Old Waterford Newspapers - M. Butler
  • Origin of the Fitzgeralds - E. De La Poer
  • Recantation of Butler of Kilcash - M. Butler
  • Sugar Refinery in Waterford - M. Butler
  • "The Seven Rejoices of Mary" - C. Milligan Fox
  • The Town Wall of Waterford - P. Power
  • Trial of Waterford Whiteboys in 1762 and 1763 - W.H. Grattan Flood

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