Journal of the Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society, Vol.17 (.pdf, 5.27 mb) Glencairn (tn_1)
(Waterford: Waterford Archaeological Society, 1914)


  • A Carrickman's diary - Rev. P. Power
  • The Keating Memorial - Editor
  • The Waterford Merrys - E.D.
  • County of Waterford, 1775 - T.U. Sadleir
  • Material condition of Waterford Churches (1615) - Rev. P. Power
  • Monumena Sepulchralia - Jas. Buckley
  • New Geneva - Matthew Butler
  • Old Wills - I.R.B. Jennings
  • Philip Barron's correspondence - Seamus Ua Casaide
  • Power Papers - T.A. Murphy
  • Sundrie priests and friers - Rev. P. Power
  • Archaeological & literary miscellany - Rev. P. Power
  • Ancient school custom in Co. Wexford - J.C.
  • Bishop Richard Pierce - Rev. P. Power
  • Bishopric of Waterford in 1688 - William H.G. Flood
  • Bonmahon paper currency, &c. - Rev. P. Power
  • Carrick-on-Suir superstition - J.C.
  • Chapels burned in Co. Wexford, 1798 - W.H. Grattan Flood
  • Introduction of Pool Law to Ireland - Rev. P. Power
  • John O'Daly's birthplace - Rev. P. Power
  • Keating Memorial - Rev. P. Power
  • Keating and his servant Symon - Fiachra Eilgeach
  • Lynch's Greek Grammar - S. Ua Casaide
  • Morris Family of Waterford - Hon. E. Morris
  • Order of Liberators - J.C.
  • Patrick Denn - Seamus Ua Casaide
  • Power Family of Co. Waterford - J.J. Piper
  • Power Family of Glasha - Rev. P. Power
  • Rev. Simon Walsh, Irish Scholar
  • Shea Family of Carrick - Captain S.G. Shea
  • Tadhg Gaodhalach - Seamus Ua Casaide
  • The Thunderer of the "Times." - J.C.
  • Walsh of Piltown - James Buckley
  • Waterford Merrys - Rev. P. Power
  • Waterford Merrys - R. Merry Del Val
  • Waterford Students in Louvain - Rev. P. Power
  • William III in Waterford - J. Buckley
  • Wilson's History of Waterford - Rev. P. Power
  • Archaeological & literary miscellany - Rev. P. Power
  • Carrickman's Diary - Rev. P. Power
  • Distinguished Waterford Families (Barron) - Rev. S. Barron
  • Geoffrey of Waterford - Rev. P. Power
  • Keating Memorial - Editor
  • Main Bluet Chalice - J.J. Buckley
  • New Geneva - M. Butler
  • Subsoil of Irish History - Rev. P. Power
  • Memorial for a Packet Service (Waterford and Milford) - Thomas F. Morrissey
  • Old Wills (Waterford & Lismore) - I.R.B. Jennings
  • Some Southern Schoolmasters, 1810 - P. McG.
  • Waterford Watchman's Rattle - P.
  • Turkish inscription in Waterford - P.
  • St. Cuangus - P.
  • Sundrie Priests and Friers - W.H.G. Flood
  • Rev. Tim Flannery, P.P. - Seamus Ua Casaide
  • Sixteenth Century Bell, Portlaw - P.
  • Sixteenth Century Bell, Portlaw - R.A.S. Macalister
  • Welsh Folacht Fiaidhs - G.T. Treherne
  • Philip Barron's Irish MSS - Seamus Ua Casaide
  • Popular archaeology - The Editor
  • Stone Celts from Waterford - P.
  • Du Noyer's Waterford sketches - P.

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