Journal of the Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society, Vol.12 (.pdf, 5.24 mb)Glencairn (tn_1)
(Waterford: Waterford Archaeological Society, 1909)


  • Early printing in S.E. of Ireland - E.R. McC. Dix
  • Place-Names of the Decies - Rev. P. Power
  • Another Ogham discovery in Co. Waterford - Rev. P. Power
  • The Rectory of Dungarvan, 13th-15th Centuries - W.H. Grattan Flood
  • On an ancient copper ingot from Bonmahon - Rev. P. Power
  • William Crotty, Outlaw, &c. - Michael Cavanagh
  • Subterranean structure in Co. Waterford - R.J. Ussher
  • Co-terminous boundary of Waterford and Lismore Dioceses - Rev. P. Power
  • On an ancient ivory chalice from Waterford - Rev. P. Power
  • A bundle of Old Waterford Newspapers - Rev. P. Power
  • Extracts from an Antiquary's note book - Rev. P. Power
  • Bickerings between citizens of Waterford and O'Driscolls of Baltimore - James Coleman
  • Old Waterford Wills
  • Some Waterford, &c., Notabilities
  • A Vice-Regal progress through Ireland in 1567 - James Buckley
  • Bishop Miler Magrath's visitation of Waterford and Lismore, 1588 - Rev. P. Power
  • Scraps of Walsh Mountain History, No.4 - Rev. W. Carrigan
  • Archaeological and literary miscellany - P.
  • Fitzgerald Families of Co. Waterford - J. Buckley
  • Marriage, MacLean-Wall: A query - W. McLeod
  • James Power of Graignagower, Poet - Rev. P. Power
  • Waterford coinage - Lionel L. Fletcher
  • Francis Briver - W.H. Grattan Flood
  • Innocent Papists of Lismore, 1663
  • Rev. Wm. Jessop of Lismore
  • Early printing in Roscrea - E.R. McC. Dix
  • Cave exploration in Waterford - G.W. Forsayeth
  • Martin Madan of Nevis - Alan Stewart
  • St. Brigid's Crosses - Michael Beary
  • Hurling in Co. Wexford, 1779 - James Coleman
  • An English Monk in the Galtees
  • Regina Maria Roche
  • A forgotten deed of horror - Rev. P. Power
  • The Glenavaddra Underground structure

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