Journal of the Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society

In this section, you will find digitised volumes of the Journal of the Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society, published between 1895 and 1915.

Online editions are now available to browse, features of which include:

  • Fully bookmarked PDF volumes
  • Full volume searchability
  • Indexing of all contributors and articles
  • Accessible through Library Catalogue and Library Website

Contact us by email at localsudies@waterfordcoco.ie if you have difficulty opening files or accessing articles.

Using Journals and Articles

How do I download an article?
In order to view PDF files, we recommend that you download the newest version of Adobe Reader. This software is available free of charge.

  • Mouse over PDF link, right-click and select 'Save As' to download and save document to your PC. With this method the progress on large file downloads can be monitored.
  • Alternatively, just click on the PDF link; the file should open in the browser of your chosen PDF reader. 
    Tip: Set your PDF reader to open PDF files in your browser if you want to remove the steps of downloading, saving, and printing articles. Setting this option is usually available in an Internet Preferences section of your PDF reader.

How do I print an article?
Once the article PDF is visible on your monitor, select "Print" from your PDF reader's File menu to print your article.
You can also print by selecting the print icon from your PDF reader's toolbar.

Is there a limit to how many Journals/Artcles I can download and print?
According to Waterford County Library's Terms and Conditions, you may download one copy of an article for your personal use.

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